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Utilising The Power Of Observation Without Judgement

By Andy Shaw | February 20, 2010

Very publicly last year I had to endure the public online resentment, anger from my site members, the fury and upset from my creditors, my brother-in-law who lives in the US contacting my wife Alison about an article he’d read about me in The Guardian online and asking her ‘were we alright?’

Then my brother after reading an article in the Telegraph about me basically saying to my Mum something like well it doesn’t surprise me and it is certainly all true as it was in The Telegraph, this was amongst other quite ‘unfriendly’ and definitely ‘un-family’ like comments but then he is a reporter ;-) and I forgive him.

There were literally hundreds of comments made about me online and I’m sure if you want to go and read them then they are still all there. However, I was staggered by the amount of frankly wrong information there was out there on me.

And how quickly people just accepted it and made their judgements based on inaccurate and uneducated information e.g. ‘He’s gone bankrupt 14 times’ – How that even deserved a comment was just so funny, as I think for that to have actually been real then I would have needed to have been first made bankrupt as I was delivered in the maternity ward LOL. And then been made bankrupt as soon as each bankruptcy ended…do people actually think about what they are saying?

Previously to this I had for years had people doubt that the money I made was real and there was plenty of bad stuff before all of that. So if you step into this sort of world then you expect that sort of thing, it is just part of the package.

However, this attitude drags you away from wealth creation and it adds nothing to taking you to the life you desire. Even if it were all true it would not help at all, but that’s not what I’m going to cover today.

What I’m going to cover is an essential skill in your life and wealth building arsenal. It is something that if you desire a completely contented and abundant life then it is a skill again that you have to master.

So let’s get started… Please Login or REGISTER to read the rest of this content.

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