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Waiting For The Eighth Day Of The Week

By Andy Shaw | December 30, 2010

someday_maybe_pigs_will_fly_a_bug_free_mind You know there are only seven days in the week, but are you one of the 99% of people on Earth who live their lives waiting for the eighth day to come round?

The eighth day is someday…. Do you live for someday, because 99% of people do without knowing it! Someday is the day when your life will change and it will all work out so that you can relax?

Does that some it up? No? Are you sure? Are you sure you are not under a form of self-hypnosis?

As your ego uses the word someday and the state of mind it creates as a form of mind control over you. If you ever think or use the word someday, then you are almost certainly hypnotising yourself with the word…

If you do not have the life you desire, then you are probably hypnotising yourself with either this word, or the state of mind behind it (even if you do not actually use the word).

So if you would like to stop this self-hypnosis then read on and we will shine the light of truth onto this favorite little illusion your ego enjoys fooling you with.

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