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When Is Now The Right Time? Part 1

By Andy Shaw | May 24, 2010

Over the next few articles I am going to try to produce something very concise for those who already know about the now, my intention is it helps you focus on some very key parts. I will relate it to my experiences of applying the understanding of it to my life.

To those who have never read on the subject then you are in for a bit of a fast immersion course. It may well be too much to handle all at once, this is a sign that you are fairly close to presence anyway. So if you need to stop and think for a while then that’s a good thing let yourself relax and absorb, yet observe. And a while is a period of time, you decide how much.

This is one area where I feel wholly in the presence of greatness. When I first tried to read Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now I can honestly say that his book stunned me. I found it the most frustrating read ever yet at the same time the most enlightening.

My frustration with it was, at the time in my reading I used to try and read x number of pages each day (as I thought that was the right thing to do… must have read it in a book somewhere). But when it came to his book, I found it was rare that I could read more than just a few pages, or a page, or just a paragraph or at times even just a single line and then I would slip into deep thought and not come back for 5mins to 2 hours.

This was not conducive with what I was looking to achieve at the time as it was taking me weeks to read his book. So I put it down and a couple of years later picked up his other book Practising the Power of Now. He describes that book as a simpler place to start rather than going straight into the Power of Now.

I started to read his work again together with all of the other studying I was doing and found that many people had written previously to Eckhart Tolle, and since he wrote on the subject of now. But he managed to nail it very well.

I do not intend to re-write the truths of the masters here, I just intend to write the lessons in a very practical way so that you can apply their techniques to create the life you desire. I am very happy to say that I can now re-read both of these books without the need to slip into great thought.

You only live in the now

I used to say that time was my greatest asset. I think it is still true, except time isn’t precious at all because it is after all just an illusion. Despite how convincing it appears, I didn’t say this it was Albert Einstein. My most precious asset now is now. My most ultimately valuable resource still though is how I choose to use now. Please Login or REGISTER to read the rest of this content.

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