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When Is Now The Right Time? Part 4

By Andy Shaw | May 27, 2010

Continued from When Is Now The Right Time? Part 3

Constantly Escaping The Now

Step out of time whenever you can, as you don’t need it, your life situation may need it to interact with others who use it so a peripheral awareness of time is necessary. But other than that you have no need for it.

Observe how your mind constantly tries to escape the now. Observe its irrational behaviour to resist what is, don’t judge it though as in doing so you rejoin your mind and become unconscious, just observe your ego and in doing so you have shone a light on the pure irrational behaviour of it.

From now on try not to imagine the future as being better or worse than right now. By imagining it to be better then it gives you hope, and if it is worse it creates anxiety – of course both of these are illusions. Hope is a ghastly state of mind which again is one of those demons in disguise, and anxiety is obviously awful as they even give you pills for that!

You cannot be unhappy and be conscious and present in the now. Unhappiness can only exist in your unconscious mind. So if you feel unhappy then you are presently unconscious. Your observance of this will take you into the present moment and will dissolve your unhappiness. All you have to be is present enough to notice when you are unhappy!

All of these articles are about finding yourself and realising that there are actually no problems in your life only situations to be dealt with now, or to be left alone and accepted as they are. You allow them to be, or you prepare and once you are fully prepared (if you choose to prepare) you then simply wait until your situation changes and the situation can be then dealt with.

Problems can only exist in time, when you remove time from the problem then the problem dissolves. As I have said, if you doubt this then ask yourself, What problem do I have now? Please Login or REGISTER to read the rest of this content.

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