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Who’s Controlling Your Mind?

By Andy Shaw | February 11, 2010

Please Note: – If you haven’t read the welcome email then you should go back and read that first.

I’m going to go a little deeper on the power of the main point I raised in the last article as this point doesn’t just need to be read about it needs to be absorbed, accepted fully, then taken advantage of and really, really exploited for the true power it can give you. As this power can be utilised for any desire you have and literally create the life you’re after. And no I am in no way exaggerating – this point is the difference, the key you have almost certainly been searching for! (but it may take a few readings to realise it :-) )

On the path to riches, without control over this point then you are simply doomed to repeating the mistakes you made in the past (or merely mediocre success at best).

If you do not master this point, then; there is no point in trying to obtain great wealth, as you will struggle forever until you recognise that this point is the very foundation that must be put in place to bring about everything else you study.

With this in place then you are certain, and I mean CERTAIN to bring about your desires. However, you don’t need to know how to master this point to get great wealth as you can master it with ignorance too as plenty have. But I’m going to assume you would rather be aware and a master of it, than ‘hope’ you can acquire it through ignorance :-)

This will surely help you if you are trying all of the stuff that you’re learning and still it doesn’t seem to be working for you. Anyway, lets begin

Side Note: – First things first, thank you for all the wonderful feedback you gave me in the last article it is gratefully received AND appreciated (the feeling of being grateful gives a lot of power itself, so thank you for sharing your thoughts with me and everyone else – more on the power of gratitude another time).

But I want to cover that if you are really going to get the power out of the stuff I’m going to share with you then you’re going to need to look inside and observe your emotional response to what I write as well.

You are going to need to question your judgements and don’t just accept what I write, instead observe your minds reactions to it, and then apply logic before concluding, or making a choice as to what you believe.

I know looking inside can be a scary place to visit, but without putting the bits right in there you’ll never get what you ‘want’ and I could give you a bullet proof formula for riches and your mind would still find a way to screw it up :-)

Ok, here’s a few paragraphs from the first article to bring back the point for you:-

Taken From The Welcome Article:- Then I reached a point, I don’t remember the exact date. There was one program which was telling me to try and hold just 15 seconds of positive thought as it would give me huge energy to move forward (it was the second or third time I had listened to this program). I was on the way back from school, and I had chosen my positive thought which always made me feel great whenever I thought about it, and all I had to do was hold it for 15 seconds. Should have been easy!

I couldn’t hold it for 3 or 4 seconds without being dragged off by my mind to a problem I had, or what the future might hold, or a choice I’d made in the past that caused another situation. I suddenly realised that I was not in control of my mind anymore, but that my mind was in control of me. I pulled the car over immediately and said out loud, “I will think about this for 15 seconds!”

After several attempts I did it, and drove on. On the way home, every minute or so I held the thought again for another 15 seconds. Throughout the day whenever a problem began to become too much I stopped and thought about the positive thought and it gave me the energy to carry on and deal with the obstacle. Not only that but I usually had an answer I had been looking for given to me as well.

What I didn’t cover in that article was the full power of this technique, this isn’t something that you should or ‘maybe’ might want to have a go at. This goes on your MUST DO list, (to do lists by the way are for the weak minded :-) ).

Where you want to put it on your must do list is your choice of course as we all have free will. But, without accepting this is a must do, and without actually doing this for yourself then you will simply be holding back the magic power that you have within you. So it is your choice as to when you want to start utilising that power to deliver your desires…

Taking Back Control From The Nutter Who Is Currently Running Your Show

I’m betting I’ve poked the pain hard enough so you may actually do this tiny bit now…

Ok, so today you need to think of something from your past something that makes you feel great when you think about it. It is irrelevant what others think, others do not matter – we are talking about you, others come later as you can’t deliver anywhere near your full measure of help to anyone unless you’ve got yourself right first.

The thought that was the one that did it for me and I think about it daily was:-

In 2001 I had got my Private Pilots Licence, and they actually let me fly aeroplanes! Having been a nutter on the road for years I couldn’t actually believe they were even letting me learn to fly, let alone fly off on my own! Or worse look after passengers. But they did and I passed and learnt some wonderful control over my desire to drive fast (and am over that now).

Anyway, my son David was two at the time and I took him flying for the first time, Mum and Alison came too, but it was the sheer joy of seeing him in the back seat with the headphones on that really gave me pleasure and continues to do so. And it was that thought which I tried to focus on for just 15 seconds.

But I couldn’t even hold a thought that made me feel so good for just 5 seconds! Can you imagine how bad that felt? I was totally out of control of my own mind! Some Nutter was running the show and wouldn’t even let me have 15 seconds to think about something that made me feel good!

So if you haven’t got the life you desire, then there’s almost certainly some Nutter inside your head making damn stupid decisions based on rubbish information. He may not be as crazy as my Nutter, but he or she will be in there.

So find a powerful thought, one that no matter what happens no one could ever take away from you. Remember how good that feeling was then and start to feel it not just think it…

And hold it for fifteen seconds, can you do it?

Didn’t think so!

Well keep going until you can, pull over stop reading and do it until you can! There is nothing more valuable that I am ever going to write than you regaining or even gaining for the very first time control of your mind.

In fact, I’m not even going to finish the article, I’m stopping it here to try and help you…I’ll pick up the next one right here.

Hold that thought for 15 seconds, keep going until you do and then keep repeating it every hour or so until you can turn it on at any time.

Best wishes


PS Let everyone know how it’s going…

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