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Who’s Controlling Your Mind? (part 2)

By Andy Shaw | February 16, 2010


Welcome back to the 2nd part of this article.

The first question is how did you do? Did you manage to regain control of your own mind, were you able to regain control from the ‘nutter’ who currently has it? Did you for the first time get to meet the ‘nutter?’

Was it a rewarding experience? Or was it something that you just read and didn’t really pay attention to?

Well in the 2nd part of the article I’m going to show you how to take that skill and turn it into an impenetrable force shield that will literally protect you at all times from the negative influence from the world about you and keep you aligned on your path to certain riches.

So let’s begin as with this skill you literally have built the foundation to certain wealth…

I’m guessing that at best, after a few attempts at holding a positive thought for a few seconds you dropped the subject and went on with your life. Afterall why wouldn’t you, that is what I did the first half dozen times or more I learnt this technique.

But why did I and I’m guessing, because I can only guess you, not consider that this was important enough to give more thought to. Afterall I had said in the last article:-

Well keep going until you can, pull over stop reading and do it until you can! There is nothing more valuable that I am ever going to write than you regaining or even gaining for the very first time control of your mind.

So did you think I was lying with that comment? Or did you do as we all do and just skim over certain text? Well I’m guessing that a few people took the time and did it, they were able to hold one positive thought in their mind for 15 seconds.

And I like to think that a few have now got this as an ‘on demand’ service. So at any point they can regain control of their mind. But the majority of you won’t have either done it, or have it on demand…why is that? Don’t worry, I was expecting it…afterall I didn’t do it myself! But the point is I did in the end and that is where the change happened, that is where the power is, without that bit then you are building on sand.

And for the answer why you didn’t do it I’ll quote from a great book that many of us have read and just skimmed over without noticing the true power of it:-

To do things in a way you want to do them, you will have to acquire the ability to think the way you want to think. This is the first step toward getting rich. To think what you want to think is to think truth regardless of appearances.

Every person has the natural and inherent power to think what he wants to think, but it requires far more effort to do so than it does to think the thoughts which are suggested by appearances. To think according to appearances is easy. To think truth regardless of appearances is laborious and requires the expenditure of more power than any other work a person has to perform.

There is no labour from which most people shrink as they do from that of sustained and consecutive thought; it is the hardest work in the world. This is especially true when truth is contrary to appearances. Every appearance in the visible world tends to produce a corresponding form in the mind which observes it. This can only be prevented by holding the thought of the truth.

To look upon the appearance of disease will produce the form of disease in your own mind – and ultimately in your body. Instead you must hold the thought of the truth, which is that there is no disease. Disease is only the appearance, and the reality is health.

To look upon the appearance of poverty will produce corresponding forms in your own mind. Instead, you must hold to the truth that there is no poverty. There is only abundance.

It requires power to think health when surrounded by the appearances of disease, or to think riches when in the midst of the appearances of poverty. But, he who acquires this power becomes a mastermind. He can conquer fate; he can have what he wants.

Taken from – The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles (Chapter 4-pg 19)

I first read that book in early 2007 and I highlighted a couple of bits from that page of text, but I didn’t realise the power of it until just the other day. As it happens it wasn’t the text that finally got me to ‘get it’ it was another reproduction of the work. But the point is that I read it and ignored it.

Why? Because my mind didn’t apply it, it didn’t realise the absolute power of it, and it didn’t want the very hard work of having to think. But the point is that this is it, this is the very keystone to building riches, if you cannot control your own mind then you cannot give it clear and consistent direction about where you want it to go.

So can you at will control your mind, right now I want you to hold a consecutive thought of something wonderful for just 15 seconds…do it now!

…Don’t worry, if you can’t do it, I couldn’t but if you want CERTAIN wealth then you HAVE to acquire this skill. So keep practising, practice until you can. You can practice some more in or just after your everyday situations, on the bus, in the car, on the train, wherever, regain control of your mind…you deserve it & without it you will not have certainty, and with certainty comes absolute power.

That was skill number one that you HAVE to acquire, if you haven’t acquired it yet, or you just want to move on and in a few months time you think that nothing is changing, what am I doing on this website, my life is still the same then it will be because you haven’t acquired skill number one.

So keep returning to these two articles as if you get this and can turn it on whenever you want to then you cannot not notice the immediate change in your reality.

Side note: – Repetition is a master skill, people complain when I repeat things, but the skill of repetition is essential to learn. It is not the things we are yet to discover that will change our lives, but the things we have learnt and ignored, through repeating great stuff you will acquire the great power, do not be afraid to re-read a good book instead of read a new book. You are not missing out, in fact you’ve already missed out, so it is time to go back and re-read.

To those who can now control their minds for 15 seconds, did you experience the power? Felt good didn’t it. Well the second part will enhance that feeling a lot…

Well that was skill number one, tomorrow I’ll be posting an article about creating an impenetrable force shield which is the second part of this skill.

Best wishes


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