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Why Not Die Before You Die

By Andy Shaw | June 8, 2010

Do you fear death? Is this a place where you just don’t want to go?

I used to work with someone who’s father had died in his fifties. This made his son fear death. He said to me once, “Not a day goes by that I do not worry about dying young.” He said that it was alright for me as I was likely to live to 90 minimum as my Grandfather had. He said that I wouldn’t be halfway through until I reached 45 minimum. But for him, he was already half way through!

Now do you think this constant fear of his own early demise was helping him or hurting him? Talk about using the law of attraction in the wrong direction.

If you have ever seen the pictures of water taken under an electron microscope, where they show that if you place a water droplet on a picture of a Dolphin it takes on the most amazing beautiful patterns, yet if you put it on a picture of something nasty, like war or death that it takes on a pattern that is best described as pain. Then you will know what damage we do to our bodies with our own destructive thought patterns. We are at least 80% water, and if water can be affected by an inanimate picture, then how can it be affected by our thoughts?

A thought either moves us toward or away from where we want to go. None of us want to die early unless we are insane or temporarily insane. So I ask again where do you think this destructive thought pattern was taking him?

What possible benefit could he have had from thinking he was going to die early? Well there is one, it could have served to get him to focus on where he is now, enjoy and live for every moment.

He took a different path and focused on health and lives a very healthy lifestyle. Though, he still worries regularly that he will die early. We create our futures with our thoughts, do you think he is creating a long life or a short life with this thought pattern? Please Login or REGISTER to read the rest of this content.

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