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Why The ***k Do You Believe In Luck?

By Andy Shaw | April 18, 2010

Luck is just chance… or a game of chance…

Or as I like to say, ‘that was fortunate’, and my wife replies, ‘yes it was lucky too!’

The unfortunate (unlucky) people have to believe in luck as they see that as their way to ‘make it’. The fortunate (lucky) people merely use chance (luck) by stacking the deck in their favour.

Saying that you believe in luck is making a lack statement to the universe. What you are effectively saying is that you are out of control and reliant on external forces to provide for you through some chance sequence of events. Do you really enjoy the thought that your life is in the hands of the great unknown as to whether you are lucky or not?

Do you want to stop being ‘unlucky’ and start being ‘lucky’, or are you so indoctrinated by the complete mis-understanding and myths that surround this word that your mind (ego) hasn’t even allowed you to read this far on the subject?

The misconceptions that surround this word and its intentions are astounding and eat away at the lives of those that it touches. I am fortunate though as I am what people who believe their lives revolve around luck would call a ‘Lucky person.’

A few years ago I was recommended a book called the Luck Factor by Professor Richard Wiseman. He wrote the book on the four scientific principles of luck. He researched over 1,000 people to find out why some were luckier than others. I highly recommend reading this book as it really did increase my ‘luckiness’ by highlighting areas which needed my attention.

Obviously being what most people would call a ‘lucky’ person to me I am able to simplify it rather quicker than a scientist can. But no matter how many times I say there’s no such thing as luck, only a very few people believe me, as I do not have the credentials of a scientist.

So for those doubters who believe that luck is merely in the lap of the gods, then if you are brave enough to have your views questioned – I suggest you read professor Wisemans book. Also if you would just like to gauge how ‘lucky’ you are and in what areas you need to work to increase your ‘luck’, then I suggest this book features on your reading list.

Well the truth is that I am both right & wrong about there being no such thing as luck, and I’ll cover why I am after I’ve broken down some of the barriers to how you can create your own luck by using some of Professor Wiseman’s simple scientific methods. Let’s begin…
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