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Would You Care To Take A Glance At Enlightenment?

By Andy Shaw | February 19, 2010

In the last article I covered a little on acceptance, as we need to accept that things just are, and not carry around baggage about that which has already happened. There is a level that is much higher than acceptance though, and that is the level of surrender.

Ask yourself a question, ‘What would happen if you had no regrets about your past?’ Have you ever tried to imagine what would happen if you totally forgave everyone who has been part of your life with complete disregard for whatever they did to you?

Of course not, why would we, we all hold onto our resentments to others as if they are some sort of valuable possession. Why do we do that?

Simple, we have not looked at it before (we have lazy minds), everyone does it, so we, being herd mentality beasts just follow the crowd.

Ok this is just the beginning, but maybe you can start to see the level that you simply cannot forgive, well you do realise that, this lack of forgiveness, is holding you back like an anchor does to a boat.

By holding onto your resentment and anger you are literally perpetuating unhappiness, poverty, sickness, limitation and a lack mentality in your own life. So do you think any of that stuff will help you get rich or live a serene life?

Of course not, but we want our resentment don’t we, well at least we do until we notice how ridiculous it is. Well, I have zero resentment towards the person who made me bankrupt, I have no animosity whatsoever, toward all of the hurtful cutting things that were said about me. I have no ill feeling to anybody at all, because I surrendered these feelings as they weren’t helping me attain the life I wanted – I made a decision that they were of no benefit to me.

Nothing stands still, and everything either takes you towards what you desire, or away from it. Those feelings clearly did not take me towards what I desired, so logically I needed to let them go, so I learnt the power of surrender and here’s how you can do it easily, afterall we all really would like to be able to let this stuff go… Please Login or REGISTER to read the rest of this content.

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